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Our Services to Professionals

Care Necessities work closely with other professionals offering support and guidance to not only your clients who require assistance in challenging eligibility for NHS CHC funding, but also ensuring that those in the role of deputies/attorneys/trustees fully satisfy their duties under the OPG Professional Deputy Standards.

Not only do we assist clients who come to us directly for advice, but we also work alongside professional firms who may, for example, have NHS Continuing Healthcare duties imposed upon them. There may be difficulties for Professional Deputies/Attorneys to satisfy their duties under the OPG Professional Deputy Standards; specifically to ensure the Deputy, and all members of staff delegated with deputyship responsibilities, know how to access appropriate advice and expertise on NHS Continuing Healthcare funding. Thus, it is important for every professional Deputy/Attorney to consider CHC funding if their client is paying, or has been asked to pay, for their own care.

Whilst the NHS do carry out CHC Assessments, are you aware that some assessments are flawed and/or incorrect and should be challenged? An incorrect assessment can have significant financial repercussions to your client and could result in an investigation of the professional Deputy/Attorney by the OPG in accordance with its safeguarding policy.

Seeking specialist advice on this issue not only ensures OPG compliance, but enables you to offer the best service for your clients at reasonable cost.