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Representation and Appeals

It is relatively unknown that an individual and their representative are entitled to an advocate, who is able to act on their behalf and guide them through the process of any assessment being held. While it should not be a necessity, the hostility and the resistance that is experienced during these assessments makes it just that. Such assessments should consist of an informal discussion about the individual concerned and the needs that they have. It is unfortunate that there may be medical jargon used that can confuse those who are not working in the health sector.

We have found that individuals have little knowledge of the process or the National Framework that should guide the practice of the professional, resulting in the whole thing being both daunting and bewildering. Information surrounding NHS Continuing Healthcare is readily available on the internet but it does not explain the inconsistencies that continually arise around the country. While it should not be a postcode lottery, on some occasions it can be.

The Clinical Commissioning Groups around the country should be consistent in their approach, but with the assessment process lacking a substantial amount of definition, it is easy for the professionals to see things differently, all over the country. Having representation (or an advocate) to support you in your time of need can offer a degree of assurance that all of the essential principles that should be followed will be. If they are not, they will obviously challenge such matters on your behalf.