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Local Authority Care Funding

It is often reported in the news and media that we have a social care and NHS crisis and both need reform which, ultimately, comes down to cost. In reality, the fact that both social and health care are under such strain must affect the services that the NHS and Local Authorities are able to provide. There are often disputes between the NHS and Local Authority as to whether an individual has health related needs (which should be paid for by the NHS) or social needs (which is means-tested and often payable by the individual). But, how do you know whether you or your loved has been assessed correctly and how do you know whether you are paying for and receiving the correct care package?

During this often stressful and confusing time, Care Necessities are able to consider your specific circumstances and offer guidance and supports in relation to numerous issues such as :

  • Whether an individual should be paying for their care at all
  • Whether any Financial Assessment has been correctly undertaken
  • Whether an individual is receiving the right care package
  • Whether an individual is receiving the correct benefits entitlement
  • Deferred Payment Agreements (DPAs)
  • Care Fee “Top – Ups”
  • Deprivation of capital or income
  • Property Disregard