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Use our checklist to see if you may be eligible for NHS CHC funding

NHS Care Fee Funding Specialists

What is NHS Continuing Healthcare? NHS Continuing Healthcare is a package of care that some people are entitled to receive as a result of disability, accident or illness. Eligible people are entitled to NHS funding for the full cost of care and accommodation. NHS Continuing Healthcare is available to any adult living in England & Wales who has particularly intense, complex or unpredictable care needs. Unlike local authority funding, it is NOT means tested.

How can Care Necessities help?

Care Necessities will guide you through the process of obtaining NHS Continuing Healthcare funding, whether your loved one lives at home or in a care home. They may be entitled NHS Continuing Healthcare funding if they have a disability, illness or have suffered an accident. The funding terminology and processes are often confusing. Care Necessities will support and assist you through these processes. Every case is different – and we are here to help.

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Professional Partners

Care Necessities works closely with other professionals offering support and guidance to not only your clients who require assistance in challenging eligibility for NHS CHC funding, but also ensuring that those in the role of deputies/attorneys/trustees fully satisfy their duties under the OPG Professional Deputy Standards.

Care Necessities present seminars to professionals throughout the UK.

Please contact us should you have a matter you are dealing with, which you would like to discuss.